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Birdy at Schubas

The acoustic foursome BIRDY fills the nest with an abundance of harmonies and organic instrumentation throughout its latest long player, Magic Days. The band more than lives up to its "fringe folk" tagline, thanks to a series of earthy, slightly quirky originals, alongside inventive rearrangements of the tried and true "Wayfaring Stranger" and "You Are My Sunshine."                                                  - Andy Argyrakis    Illinois Entertainer Magazine 

"Not to be confused with...

teenage soloists [from the UK], Chicago’s own BIRDY is a homegrown acoustic act promising inspired vocals tossed in with honest folked-out fun. The onstage chemistry of this outfit is tangible as their swank snaps, personal lyrics and simplistic singing style create a feel-good atmosphere that radiates authenticity. Rock, pop and lounge influences intermixed with strumming instrumentals keep their more traditional core fresh in 2012 debut Magic Days. This energetic quartet is dedicated to meaningful songwriting and hearty performances (without taking themselves too seriously) while their music’s emotional coherence returns us to an important idea: this is real music written by real people."

 - Jessica Millman    Chicago Innerview

chicago | authentic | acoustic fringe folk

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